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Notice of Privacy

Updated October 29, 2020

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter the “Law”), the Regulations of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (hereinafter the “ Regulation ”) and the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on January 17, 2013 (hereinafter the“ Guidelines ”) and other applicable provisions, Instant Foods de México SA de CV (hereinafter“ IFM ”) wishes to make the Privacy Notice known to the person (hereinafter“ User ”) who enters the website: and associated sub-domains or who communicate through electronic media, by filling in forms within the website; regarding the treatment and protection of personal data.

1. Responsible for the treatment of personal data and address.

For all purposes related to this Privacy Notice, IFM, as the person responsible for the processing of personal data, indicates the address located at Avenida Isidoro Sepúlveda exterior number 600, interior number 1, Colonia Nova, Postal Code 66605, in the municipality of Apodaca, Nuevo León and establishing the email address to hear and receive all kinds of notifications related to the processing of personal data; issuing and making available to the User, this Privacy Notice, under the following terms:

2. Purpose of the processing of your personal data.

The personal information provided by the User will be used as the main purpose to provide information on the services and advice related to the products offered by IFM, as well as being a means by which communication with the User will be established if required.

Additionally, we will use personal data for the following secondary purposes, which are not necessary for the provision of the services offered by IFM; However, these allow and facilitate us to provide better care and good service. The secondary purposes for which the data collected will be used are: i) marketing purposes; ii) advertising purposes; iii) commercial prospecting, vi) know the User's experience through surveys, evaluations or similar; and / or, v) send Users, promotions or exclusive offers.

In the event of not being satisfied with the purposes of the activities described in the first paragraph of this section, the User must refrain from entering personal data on the IFM website, since the processing of their personal data is necessary. It should be noted that if the aforementioned assumption is updated, IFM will not be able to provide the services correctly and will not be responsible for such situation.

If you do not agree with the secondary purposes, you can express your refusal by following the mechanism provided in paragraph 10 of this Notice.

3. Personal data that is collected.

For the purposes of this Privacy Notice and according to article 3, section V of the Law; Personal data will be understood as: "Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person."

In this sense, the website will collect the following data from users:

  1. Full name.

  2. Email.

The User will be the natural person who frames the assumptions described in the first paragraph of this document and who communicates their personal data through the website or by filling in forms by which personal data is collected on the page and in general use of any service on the IFM website that involves the communication of your personal data.

4. Social networks.

IFM has profiles on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so it informs the User that the processing of personal data of those who become followers of the official IFM profiles will be governed by the conditions provided in the Privacy Notice of the corresponding social network by virtue of the fact that the treatment and protection of the personal data collected is the responsibility of the social network and not of IFM, for which it is recommended to access the privacy policy and conditions of use of the aforementioned social networks , the foregoing in order to know the information derived from the processing of personal data and especially the conditions and purposes to which the data that form part of the User's profile will be used.

5. Protection of personal data.

The User's personal data will be protected at all times adhering to the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility, principles that are established in the "Law", in order to provide security and tranquility Users that their personal data will be protected by IFM.

6. Transfer of personal data.

IFM will not disclose or transfer the personal information collected from the User without their consent, except in the cases provided for in article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties:

i) when the transfer is provided for in a Law or Treaty to which Mexico is a party.

ii) when the transfer is necessary for prevention or medical diagnosis, the provision of healthcare, medical treatment or the management of healthcare services.

iii) when the transfer is made to holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of IFM, or to a parent company or to any company of the same IFM group that operates under the same internal processes and policies.

iv) when the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract entered into or to be entered into in the interest of the User, by IFM and a third party.

v) when the transfer is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest, or for the administration or administration of justice.

vi) when the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process.

vii) when the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the controller and the owner.

7. Changes and modifications in this privacy notice.

This privacy notice may undergo modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements; of IFM's own needs, for the products or services offered; of new privacy practices that are adopted; changes in the business model, or for other reasons.

We promise to keep you informed about the changes that this privacy notice may undergo, through a general publication on the website

8. Use of mechanisms in remote or local means of electronic communication, optical or other technology, that allows to collect personal data automatically and simultaneously.

The User is informed that the website and associated sub-domains, IFM uses cookies, pixel tags, web beacons and external links, through which it is possible to monitor the behavior of the platform users to provide a better service and user experience when browsing the page, as well as offer new products and services based on user preferences.

The personal data that we obtain from these tracking technologies are the following:

  1. Geographic location.

  2. IP adress.

  3. Interaction time with the website.

  4. Internet browser used.

  5. Operating system used.

  6. Behavior flow.

  7. Searches on the site.

  8. Platform speed.

  9. Information from the web form.

IFM also inform the Users of the website that they will be able to block or eliminate the cookies installed on their equipment by configuring the browser options installed on their computer. Most web browsers offer the possibility of allowing, blocking or eliminating the cookies installed on your computer.

Warning about deleting cookies. You can delete and block all cookies from the website, but part of the page may not work or the quality of the website may be affected.

9. Access mechanisms for the exercise of the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of personal data.

In accordance with the provisions of the "Law", the "Regulation" and the "Guidelines" the User may access, rectify and / or cancel the personal data collected as well as oppose its disclosure and / or limit its use, as well as revoke their consent or express refusal to the processing of personal data, through the procedures that IFM has implemented.

For this, IFM puts at your disposal the email: to respond to requests derived from the exercise of ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) of users.

For this, the owner who makes a request for access, rectification and / or cancellation of personal data must send an email to and in the subject of the email place the legend "Request for opposition, modification, rectification, cancellation" as the case may be and must indicate in all cases the following:

  1. Full name of the owner of the personal data.

  2. Date of birth (day / month / year).

  3. Email to which all communications related to the request may be directed.

  4. The data that you want to rectify, cancel or on which you want to oppose the treatment, that is; a clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of your rights or the activity on which you wish to limit the use of personal data.

  5. Digitized copy of an official document proving the identity of the applicant, which may be illustrative but not limiting: voting credential, driver's license, passport, and / or any other document that facilitates the location of personal data.

Once the request to exercise ARCO rights has been made, IFM within 3 (three) business days from receipt of the request will send an email to the account that made the request or to the account designated for that purpose, where the receipt and admission of the application are reported.

If any part of the request is required to be clarified or it is necessary to provide more information to locate the information, IFM will send an email to the applicant to expand or clarify their request; The foregoing must be within a term of 2 (two) business days from receipt of the request and the applicant will have 2 (two) business days to attend the prevention carried out by IFM, which will count from the day on which prevention was reported.

IFM will have a period of no more than 20 (twenty) business days from the date on which the request for the exercise of ARCO rights was received to notify the applicant of the determination adopted.

In the event that the determination adopted by IFM is appropriate, the resolution must be made effective within a maximum term of 15 (fifteen) business days from the day after the response was communicated to the applicant.

The periods indicated in this point may be extended only once and for an equal period, provided that IFM justifies the circumstances of the extension.

In the event that the owner of the personal data requires more detailed information or assistance in the process of exercising ARCO rights, they may contact the email address:

However, if the owner considers that his rights regarding the protection of personal data have been violated, he has the right to go to the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) who is the competent authority for defend the exercise of your ARCO Rights.

10. Limits to the use or disclosure of personal data.

In order that the holders of personal data can limit the use and disclosure of personal information, IFM offers to register it in the exclusion list so that your personal data is not processed for the secondary purposes established in point 2 of the present privacy notice.

To request your registration in the exclusion list you must send an email to the address and establish in the subject "registration request in the exclusion list" attaching to the email a digitized copy of an official document proving the applicant's identity.

In accordance with the eighth article of the Law, by the simple fact of not expressing opposition when reading this Notice, acceptance of the terms thereof will be understood.

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